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Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning Inc.

Exclusive Muscle Tuning service now available to:

  • Team Coaches
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Sports Medicine

Muscle Tuning™ is a servicedesigned for increased personal performance
It is a mobile Muscle Tuning™ developed by Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning Inc. certified by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practictioners (ICPKP)

By providing Muscle Tuning™ sessions to "switch on" the muscles that are required to perform the athlete's role on the ice, field, slopes or in the arena, gym or pool. Circuit Alive Muscle Tuning helps the athlete to perform at optimal levels of strength, speed, agility, and coordination. Muscle Tuning™ also helps athletes push through plateaus faster, during off-season training as well as in-season conditioning, with gains in strength, tone, function and performance. An additional benefit of Muscle Tuning™ is the prevention of

Muscle Tuning™

reconnecting circuitry between the nervous system and the muscleread more
The Secret Sauce - Muscle Tuning – a trademarked 15 minute mobile protocol.
15 minute Muscle Tuning™ sessions at the training facility or sports arena are provided to the athlete before a workout, training session, practice, game or competition. Through this mobile protocol the muscles are switched “on”.

The idea that a muscle can be “switched on” is new to the general public’s understanding of the body. Once muscle “switching on” is experienced, the impact is unmistakable.

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Unmistakable improvements in: hand/eye coordination, muscle strength, muscle efficiency, muscle toning, weight loss, optimized workout, athletic performance, better posture, pain relief, stress relief & faster results!